The Nebraska Refugee Program

   On behalf of Central Health Center, Inc. it has been our honor and privilege to provide screenings and vaccinations for new refugees settling in Nebraska. They have afforded us the privilege to learn from their culture and background. The refugees bring a new dynamic to our community, in which we all can learn from to help us expand our thought process. Although our contract in providing refugee screenings and vaccinations will conclude at the end of August 2017, we invite them to access our services for primary care, mental health services, and reproductive health. Most services are provided on a sliding fee scale. If you are between the ages of 15 to 24 and are wanting to get placed on contraceptive, you will qualify for CAP. If you are 25 and over, you will qualify for significantly reduced contraceptive services, barring you are uninsured. Please call our clinic to inquire about details. Again, thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you.